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You're trying to learn about property management for your vacation rental property or 2nd home and you have questions...

9 Questions to Ask a Property Manager     

(and how Condo In Biloxi Vacations & BBRR compares)

Real estate property management is a specialized business. Making the right choice is critical for you to protect your investment.
To assist you in your decision, we’ve laid out 10 key questions to ask any prospective vacation rental property management firm. To
be able to manage your investment successfully, a property management company should be able to answer "YES" to most of them:

1.  Would you be able to provide copies of any insurance and/or bonding coverage?

As you can imagine, the answer to this question should also be "YES".  If the property management company does not have
insurance or hesitates at this question, RUN!!!!!

Condo In Biloxi Vacations & BBRR - Yes.  Copies of our licenses and insurance policies can certainly be provided upon

2.  What is your specialty, per your website it appears vacation rentals.  Do you have any commercial, apartments, single family
properties that you are trying to sell?

Have you ever called a place of business and they answered the phone; “Jim’s Insurance and Fish n Chips?”, or something equally as
funny?  Or found out that the contractor you hired does roofing, plumbing, electrical and car repairs.   How good can either of the
service providers in either of these scenarios be at the “one thing” you really want them to do for you?  As you might imagine, they’
re probably not very good at anything.  One thing is for sure, they don’t specialize.  

Well, the same logic can be attributed to your property and the property management business.  You want someone that does
“Vacation Property Rental Management” only.  Not commercial, warehouse, retail, office, etc.  We have learned that you can’t be
all things to all people.

Would you rather get heart surgery from a heart surgeon, or a heart surgeon / lung specialist / librarian and part-time
charter captain?  You want the specialist!

3.  Does your firm provide maintenance services?

The concern here is that the management company might “trump up” the maintenance needs of your property in order to
generate revenues/income or to simply keep their employees busy.

Condo In Biloxi Vacations & BBRR  does directly provide maintenance or cleaning services.  We oversee your property and
look for maintenance issues, select and schedule required services with outside maintenance providers.  We do this for a few

  • With the inevitable peaks and valleys of this business, we don’t want to have employees on the payroll sitting idle.  Let
    someone else worry about that.

  • Many other management companies that do have these crews on their payrolls, sometimes find “creative” ways to perform
    “the little extra” services on your property when in fact they may not be necessary

  • We are not in the maintenance and cleaning business.  There are others that specialize in these areas and they do a better
    job.  Their expertise results in economies of scale, thus lowering the overall cost of maintaining your property

  • We want to have the ability to hire and fire these maintenance service providers as their performance and billing rates may
    dictate in the future.  While we certainly honor and respect loyalty, we want the flexibility to change vendors in the event
    it will provide a benefit to you, the property owner.

4.  Do you own any properties yourself?

It’s hard to trust someone to manage your property if they don’t have the first clue about your position and what you are thinking
about and going through from an ownership viewpoint.

Condo In Biloxi Vacations & BBRR – Yes, we own vacation rental properties.

5.  Do you belong to any industry associations?

As a property owner, it is hard to decipher whether you are truly working with professionals.  It can be a daunting task and hard to
judge based on a few conversations.  A deciding factor just might be the fact that certain companies belong to trade associations
and others do not.  The reason people and companies join trade associations are

•        To support their industry
•        Learn how to best protect your investment
•        Keep up to date on laws and regulations that might impact you
•        To better serve you and your guests!

Condo In Biloxi Vacations & BBRR – Yes, we are members of the VRMA, Vacation Rental Managers Association  

6.  If you are not the right fit, do you have any others that you can recommend?

Every management company is not the right fit for every owner, and vice versa.  There cannot possibly be a match 100% of the
time.  People like to do business with people they know, like and trust.  Not everyone can get on the same page…and that’s OK.  
That’s just human nature.  If a property manager is willing to take on “just any property owner”, you may want to proceed with

Condo In Biloxi Vacations & BBRR -  Yes.  If we cannot find the right fit, we will certainly search for alternative sources of
property management services that we can recommend.  We are selective in the properties and the owners that we represent.  We
realize this arrangement needs to be a win-win situation and that it’s much more pleasant to work with people you know, like and
trust than it is to be in conflict all the time.  We have fun and we make certain that we are a good match for one another.

7.  What are your billing / accounting procedures?

This type of information should be spelled out and provided to any prospective owner contemplating the services of a property
manager.  The other concern surrounds the practice of collecting and securing funds from guests that stay in your property.

Condo In Biloxi & BBRR Vacations – Owners  
Our systems are automated as much as possible.  While nothing can replace face-to-face interaction and communication,
automation and use of technology simply creates a more efficient and relaxed business model.  Our technology is either developed
internally or outsourced to only trusted, verified and compliant providers.  We deliver monthly statements within the first 10 days
following the end of the preceding month pursuant to our service agreement.  Owner funds can be delivered two ways:  

  • Direct deposit into your checking account
  • PayPal
  • Mailing of a regular check

Condo In Biloxi Vacations & BBRR - Guest Side
We utilize an online reservation system which allows guests to view, reserve and make payment for your property 24/7.  Upon guest
reservation, we are immediately notified and follow-up and discuss specific accommodations.  Our custom software allows properties
to be viewed and sorted by:
  • Availability
  • Project or development name
  • Geographic location
  • Number of bedrooms desired
  • Pets
  • Smoking
  • Pools
  • Waterfront
  • Many More

We make personal contact via telephone with every guest reservation to make certain that:
  • The guest meets our minimum age requirements
  • The guest reserved the right property for themselves (i.e. accuracy)

When the guest reserves your property, they will remain in that property and not request something different because it’s not
what they expected or wanted.  
  • Your booked reservations remain booked and paid.
  • We answer any all questions up front to ensure a “no-surprise” guest arrival, thus helping create long-term, satisfied, repeat
    guests for your property.

8.  Do you have a written agreement and can I review it?

The obvious answer to this question is that you want to see things in writing.  Unfortunately, in today’s litigious society, if it’s not in
writing, it does not exist.  The agreement spells out the terms and conditions between owner and the management company.  
There can be huge differences between management firms.  Read carefully.

Condo In Biloxi Vacations & BBRR – our Owner Management Agreement is fair, competitive and results in a win-win situation
for you and us.  Any legitimate property owner has the right to review a copy and have all your questions answered in advance.  We’
ll be happy to discuss with any property owner.

9.  Do you have any
references or testimonials?

This is an often over-looked item for helping decide on property management firms to represent your property.  While privacy can
sometimes be a concern in this area, any competent management company should be able to provide references.

Condo In Biloxi Vacations & BBRR – We feel that guest AND owner testimonials are a large part of our success.  Not only do
we have dozens and dozens to share, we actively share them as much as possible.  It’s one of our main forms of marketing our
services.  Our guests and owner partners are more than transactions to us; they really do become friends.  As friends, we want to
know how we’re doing – the good, the bad and the ugly.  We are constantly seeking feedback and this enables us to gain so many
testimonials and improve our service level.  

When you treat people right and show your genuine concern for their well-being, they will reward you with kind words, repeat
business and referrals galore!

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