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1.  What are the advantages of placing my vacation property into a rental program?

First, you have professionals managing your Mississippi vacation rental condo.  

• We can keep you well informed on the condition of your vacation property, while you may be hundreds of miles away.
• We can ensure that your vacation rental condo is well maintained.
• We have excellent relationships with local repair and service people that are available
to keep your vacation condo in top, desirable condition.
• On the scene eyes and ears to ensure any problems are fixed

Second – You have strong promotional programs that can market your vacation rental to millions of potential guests.

• We have a large database of past guests.
• Exposing your home to our existing database of guests means your vacation property is immediately exposed to qualified

Third - Your guests interact with someone else

• Frees up your time and energy.
• You still can maintain some control over pricing and availability.

Fourth - Value-added “Concierge Services” and amenities for your guests to better enjoy your vacation property is available at
no cost to you

• Discounted packages for golf, casinos, snowmobiles, power boats, fishing charters, wine tours and more
• Tickets to special events
• Bike rentals
• Food delivery
Dining discounts
• Linen service.

• This adds value to your Biloxi beach vacation condo and provides customer service for your guests, which is what many
guests expect today.
• These additional services and amenities also place your vacation property in a more competitive position when compared to
your competition.

Fifth – Making sure property complies with all local regulations and restrictions and help calculate any related taxes, such as a
lodging tax, are an added benefit of
property management services

Sixth – vacation rental property management gives you a perfect excuse not to allow your least favorite relatives to use your
home and then leave it a mess like they did the last time they visited!

2.  How can I find the best Vacation Property Rental Management company to manage my property?

• Check the various property management association websites to find companies that belong to trade associations.  They
tend to be the most professional.

• Research the companies that you are considering.  Look for a company that will form a true partnership with you.  Be sure
to interview your top choices to get a feeling for which one can best meet your needs and expectations.   Also check their
references, visit their office and meet the staff that you will be working with.  This is an important decision. The more time
you put into research and interviewing, the more likely you will find the best "partner" to work with.

3.  What else should I consider before turning over my property to a management company?

Remember that you are entering into a business relationship to rent your Biloxi vacation condo.  The vacation rental property
management company will supply you and your property with many services and benefits.  You in turn will have to make
decisions, just as you would in any other business arrangement.  There will be maintenance decisions as well as decisions with
respect to upgrading or making improvements to your property.  The goal is to keep your property as comfortable and
presentable as possible so that it competes favorably in the vacation rental market.  

Once your Mississippi condo becomes a rental, it no longer needs to just keep you satisfied: it also needs to keep guests
satisfied. The vacation rental property management company you select will help advise you of ways to keep your home
attractive to guests.

Consider your relationship not only business, but also a partnership.  Remember that communication has proven to be the key
to a successful relationship.

4.  Will renting my vacation condo decrease its overall value?

No, although it may put more wear and tear on the property.  For example, you may have to replace glassware and other
utensils more often and paint the walls more often than normal.  In fact, if you develop a successful track record of success,
your property may actually go in value.  If you can demonstrate that your property creates cash-flow, it will likely increase in
value.  However, nothing is guaranteed.

5.  What type of people rent vacation properties?

• Vacationers that want to enjoy the area where you have your condo are the most likely candidates.  Most people that use
vacation properties own their own homes, so they are aware of the fact that they are using someone else's home and they
want to leave it in good condition when they leave.  Besides, if they leave it a mess, they will have to pay for the clean-up or
any damages.  

• Another nice thing about “transient” vacation rentals is that you know the guest needs to leave.  There are no eviction
concerns because they "have" to leave.  

• Lastly, rent monies are paid in advance so there are no collection concerns.

6.  Will a vacation rental property management company do a better job marketing our home to potential guests?

Yes, no or maybe.  Most likely "Yes" though.

• Property management companies not only have marketing expertise, they also maintain sizable lists of qualified guests that
may consider your property for their vacation.
• Each year, educational seminars and conferences are offered to the industry to help educate companies about the most
efficient and effective ways to market a vacation rental property.
• As a result, your property will be presented and viewed by many more potential guests than if you utilized other, more
traditional marketing resources or attempted to market it yourself.

7.  Will a vacation rental property management company do a better job managing our home than we could ourselves?

•        While not guaranteed, we tend to think so.
•        There is no substitute for years of experience or hands on management, especially if you are an out of town owner.
•        We own properties just like you own.
•        We know how to attract renters.
•        We know how to promote your property.
•        We know how to maintain your property, keep it competitive and generate cash-flow.
•        We closely monitor trends and quickly respond so that the
properties in our collection maintain a competitive
•        We do this for a living.  We have a reputation to uphold.

8.  What if I have certain times that I want to use my property for myself?

•        Be clear on when you want to use your property.  Make certain your agreement allows you to use the property as you
desire.  After all, why own a property if you can’t use it when you want.
•        Be sure to work with your vacation rental management company to block those times for your own personal use.
•        Your home will be under agreement which will create some limitations:

You will likely be prevented from visiting whenever you feel like it.
• This is a business arrangement.
• You should treat it as such, honoring the use of your property by guests and the management of the home by your vacation
rental management company.

9.  When will the property rent?

•        Nearly all vacation properties are located in destination areas that have a definite "peak" or busy seasons.
•        Vacation rentals tend to be rented most often and for the most money during this peak season.
•        Summer is peak season in most locations; however, winter is peak season in most ski areas.
•        The less you use your property during peak season, the more your property will be rented and the more income you
will likely earn.

10.  We want to rent our property “by owner” during the peak season(s) and let the property manager rent it during the least
desirable times.

Be sure to research and adhere to all local regulations and pay all required taxes and fees.  It will be unlikely that a
professional property management firm would be interested in managing your home with such confining restrictions.

11. We want to do all of the repairs, cleaning and maintenance ourselves because we want our home to be taken care of in a
certain way.

•        The best advice would be for you to NOT rent your home.
•        It is difficult to be emotionally attached to the home and place restraints on the on a property management firm.  The
two don’t go hand-in-hand.

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