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The Jimmy Mack Difference
Treat every guest and owner with the utmost respect and professionalism so that at the end of the day, they
will tell someone else how GREAT it was!

•  Web based marketing in conjunction with online reservation system
•  Targeted vacation rental marketing based on visitor demographics
•  Faster turn time and responsiveness to inquiries
o        70% of all guests book with the first place they contact
o        Buying brain cells.   Traverse City and Northern Michigan Vacation = Jimmy Mack Vacations = Your Property

Online Reservation System
•  Allows reservations 24/7
•  Very user friendly and convenient system available
•  Higher conversion ratios of inquiry to booked
reservation – more money for you!
Reservations are confirmed on the phone after information received
o        Due diligence
o        Protects your investment and vacation rental property
o        Ensures correct match between guest and property.
o        Keeps the guest in your property upon arrival.  
o        No guest disappointment and switch to different property
•  Allows flexible pricing for different units and different dates/times.  You have control.
•  By Owner Booking – Discounted fees for participating in securing guest
•  Owner access to reservation system to view calendar and reports

Concierge Services:
•  Added value to vacationing guests
•  Easier to plan a vacation
•  Examples:
o        Pre-purchased Grocery Delivery
o        Packages:  
golf, casino, fishing, beach, etc.
o        Shows/concerts,
Local attractions/tours, etc
•  Uniqueness makes your vacation property standout from your competition.

Post guest surveys:
•  Essential feedback on your vacation home
•  Enhances market research to better market your vacation property:  
o        Pricing
o        Location
o        Condition
o        Ideas for future

•  Position your vacation property to make it
o        Easier for you to own
o        Easier for us to rent
o        More financially rewarding

•  Keep an Eye on the Market
o        Changes in Supply and Demand
o        Changes in Marketing Techniques
o        Changes in Pricing Strategies

The Balancing Act:
•  Lower Rental Rates
o        Lower average daily rental rate
o        Higher total revenue
o        More Guests
o        Repeat visits
o        More Wear and Tear

•  Higher Rental Rates:
o        Higher average daily rental rate
o        Lower total revenues
o        Less Guests
o        Less Wear and Tear

•  Our Philosophy:  
o        Get the visitors
o        Help grow demand
o        Position your property as
their vacation destination
o        Think:
        Word of Mouth marketing
        Repeat Guests

Uniform Linen Services
•   Outside Vendor
o        Consistency
o        Commercial Sanitation
o        Removes Liability
•   Uniformity and adherence to minimum standards for all
Jimmy Mack Vacation properties
•   Guest satisfaction with higher quality linens
•   Faster cleaning turn times – better customer service
o        Cleaning partners actually clean
o        No wasted time waiting for washers and dryers.  Less wear and tear on your equipment.
o        Lower overall cleaning costs

Property Management Reports for Owners:

9 Things to Ask a Property Manager

7 More Things to Ask a Property Manager

Should You Hire A Property Manager? (yes, no or maybe)

7 Things Owners Should Know About Property Management

The Jimmy Mack Difference
Online reservation systems 24-7
Consulting and advice to position your property for highest potential revenue
The balancing act between rates and occupancy
Jimmy Mack linen services ensure consistent quality for guests